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Camelot is an independent type collective and self-publisher of typefaces based in Leipzig and founded by Maurice Göldner, Katharina Köhler and Wolfgang Schwärzler. All three have worked on a wide range of cultural and commercial projects in close collaboration with many different studios. Next to their own design projects they also teach and give workshops at various universities and institutions. They have been recently chosen to show the work of the collective at the International Biennial of Graphic Design Brno, Czech.

Maurice Göldner is a type and graphic designer based in Leipzig. Maurice studied at the Burg Giebichenstein University of Arts and Design Halle and then specialized in type design at the HGB, Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig. Typographic research is one of his focuses. His research project on the history of Dresden’s Brüder Butter foundry has been published in the Typography papers 9, Hyphen Press. Maurice is the type design lecturer at the Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee and has given workshops at many design schools. His typefaces Meran (2008), Stan and StandingType (2012) were published by OurType.

Katharina Köhler is a graphic designer specialized in type design living and working in Leipzig. After the education at the HGB, Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig, she received her master in Art Direction and Type Design at ECAL Lausanne in 2011 with her typeface project Rosart. Her graphic design practise has a strong collaborative approach. She is part of Spector Bureau—a collective of designers, artists and publishers. With the team Spector Bureau she designed the visual identity of Schauspiel Stuttgart. She has also designed a number of books. Her typefaces Lelo (Lomo) and Rosart have been shown in many type design exhibitons. Since october 2015 she is artistic associate at Burg Giebichenstein University of Arts Halle, teaching there on a regular basis.

Wolfgang Schwärzler is a graphic and type designer based in Leipzig. He received his master at the Burg Giebichenstein University of Arts and Design in 2011. The main emphasis of his work is the design of books and catalogues, but also custom typefaces and visual identities. In his latest project he designed the printed matter for the international festival for photography f/stop. Wolfgang is also parttime working with Hug & Eberlein, Basel–Leipzig. He has held lectures on is master project Gräbenbach Grotesk at TGM, typographic society munich and Typo Berlin. He has been teaching at the Burg Giebichenstein University of Arts and Design Halle and he was invited to give a workshop at FH Bielefeld.


The License grants you the right to use the font files we send you. You can buy licenses for different purposes: Web and Desktop Use. Please be sure to buy the right license to cover your needs.

Desktop license — This license is used for creating printed documents, logos, website graphics, etc. Desktop fonts are licensed for a certain number of computers (CPU) used by you and your employees. 

Web license — This license allows you to use our typefaces on websites with the @font-face technology. Webfonts are licensed for a certain range of unique visitors coming to your website per month (UVPM).


ENG — Learn all the binding details in the
licence agreement.

DEU — Lesen Sie alle verbindliche Angaben im


Do you offer trial fonts?
Since we have released our website with a built-in type tester, we offer you a helpful tool to judge and test our typefaces. For this reason we are not offering trials publicly. However, if you have a certain project that makes trial fonts necessary, feel free to reach out to us.

Do you design custom typefaces?
Yes, we are designing custom typefaces in close collaboration with our customers. It is also possible that we customize our retail typefaces. Please get in contact with us.

Do you offer student prices?
We are not offering reduced prices for students. Our prices are reasonable especially also for smaller studios and students. We would be happy about your appreciation.

What is your refund policy?
All purchase are final and the font cannot be returned, refunded or exchanged. If you have any problems with our product, please contact us. We will try to find out the problem with you.

Who needs to buy the desktop license?
Everyone who uses the font needs to have a license. In most cases the graphic studios or agencies are buying the license for their clients, because they are the only ones using the fonts. But if templates are sold to the client that require our fonts to be installed, also the client will have to purchase their own license. If a freelancer or other contractors of an agency with our font license have to use our fonts on their computers for a project, each entity has to buy a license. Make sure you license our fonts for the amount of computers used by you and your employees.

Can I share my desktop license?
A desktop licenses cannot be shared. The basic license allows the installation of the font on up to 5 computers, that are owned by the customer.

Do I need a license when I use a font on my laptop?
Yes, the desktop license authorizes the installation of the font on up to 5 computers. You must count your laptop and and further devices (that you all own) on which the font will be installed.

Does my printer need a license?
If you can't generate PDF or postscript files when you output your job, you are allowed to send a copy of the font to your printer or service bureau. After the job is complete, the license holder or the printer or the service bureau, must destroy the copy of the font.

Can I use the webfont for more websites?
The web font licence is restricted to use of the font on one domain designated by the buyer, including subdomains, with the anticipated, monthly website traffic as specified by the buyer in the order process (based on unique visits). The licence must be upgraded in the event that the traffic increases over the licence period. The buyer provides assurance that the stated traffic is truthful, and has to upon instruction submit evidence to proof the accuracy to us, e.g. by providing screenshots of the server analyses.

Is your webfont license fee a one-time fee?
Yes, our webfont license and all licenses available on our website are perpetual. This means you only need to pay the license fee once. 
However, an upgrade must be purchased if the number of unique visitors per month is higher than you have licensed for. Or if you want to use the webfont on another domain than you have licensed you have to purchase another license.


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